BrandAromase-Scalp Care Coach/JuliArt-Creating the Art of Hair

“Bring Out the Beauty from Within”

At Macrohi, we aim to solve the needs for all hair or scalp problems. We want to provide a variety of products that are suitable for your symptoms. In order to do that, we have created two brands, Aromase and Juliart.

Scalp Care Coach

Aromase promises you a natural and healthy way to care for you hair and scalp. We are always by your side providing professional, functional, and safe solutions for all your hair care needs, so that your scalp stays healthy.

Creating the Art of Hair

Pursuing the perfect hair for JuliArt is not only a dream, it’s an everyday practice. Through the usage of formulated ingredients, we can bring long-lasting repairs to your hair while also bringing it more elasticity, making your hair a work of art.