Water has no colour, that’s why it’s natural!

When we speak of nature, water is one of the things that come in our mind, why is that? Because water is one of the naturally found things. Next thing we notice, water is also transparent, that adds to its quality of having minimum impurities.


Same is the concept of our products and our company, that is one of the reasons that we want these products to reach to the maximum people so as to propagate our cause of helping people solve their scalp and hair problems.


Our product line consists of two brands, namely; “Aromase”, “Juliart”, Both of them have their own significant value, the former is inclined towards scalp care in medical setting while the later is a hair specialist. While both of them have one mission, better scalp care and hair care solutions.


Let’s talk about Aromase first, imagine opening your shampoo bottle in the morning while taking shower, and a transparent, watery liquid coming out on your palm with a very minty refreshing aroma all around you, that is what exactly you’ll experience when using our product. You might be wondering why transparent, right? We take quite a proud moment because the reason lies back to the nature, we haven’t added any artificial colour or chemicals and that is actually why it has no colour. When we say we are natural, we mean it!


Aromase’s speciality, among many, is scalp treatment/solution and develop a series of well-known Everyday Products for all household needs. Whether it is Dermatitis, Psoriasis, Hair-fall, Dandruff and many more, nothing to worry, Aromase has your back. Many people and doctors who have used these products have showed great interests and appreciation since it is one of those things that prove what they say!


Juliart is inspired from art, and “juli” means smooth hair, so basically if we sum up, the art of hair. It sounds different right? Because it is different, just as Aromase it is natural, its ph is very well within safe range, which our scalp/hair should be treated with. It takes care of your hair so that you can create a masterpiece without a worry. Your hair’s quality and your style is what brings satisfaction to us.


This is the reason why we want people to know about our brands so that they themselves can see, all claims aren’t click baits. 


This year at “CosmoProf 2018” is exactly what we want to show you and tell our interesting story to everyone. It is quite of a pleasure that our team has designed the exhibition in an interactive way. It is not only us telling you stuff but also we have some immersive activities which shall help you to understand our perspective in a creative ways. For example; we have three interactive games which shall deepen your understanding of us and help us to prove our point from a different point of view.


One of our three games is where one has to solve the hidden scalp problem with the help of an arrow and flip the bad side. It is a modified version of “Bulls Eye” or “darts” but what we want to portray with it is the ability of our products of what they are capable to achieve, also elevating your knowledge of how scalp works. 


Second activity would be to solve some questions, as easy it may sound we have made efforts to make it more immersive as you’ll be given two coloured glasses through which one will peak, enabling then to reveal a question and thus the quest to find its answer begins. This technique not only takes the person a bit closer to 3D experience but also gives a different perspective of a simple concept that we wish people should be aware of.


Lastly, our third activity makes one see a story but not that easily. We have designed a platform on which one has to stand at a certain angle to align with the perspective of ours so as to reveal the story. It is carefully designed for the person to fully understand and be aware of what is going on in that respective scalp environment.


So, just like above are few pointers which will not only help us share our story but also will help all the attendees to utterly have fun and learn something. Keeping this in mind, we have designed our booth in a simple setting which are then themed to be a “Home Setting” giving the visitor a very relaxed yet overwhelming experience. We belief one is very himself at the most comfortable place that is indeed the home, and that is exactly what we want. Comfortability will help us ease the attendees and will help them to absorb what we are trying to convey.


Conclusively, we are presenting something that will bring you an ease of life and relief you from worrying about what products are you using. We want people to go natural and healthy not only from inside but also from outside. Creating a balance will eventually lead us to healthy, satisfactory and fruitful future.




For further details please contact:

Rita Wang

Media Relations Email: ed3@macroHI.com

Cosmoprof Aisa 2018, Booth# 5G-1A


2018 / 10 / 01
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