• Our guest from United Kingdom

    This is a Press Release when we hosted our visitor from the United Kingdom. It is such a pleasure all the time to have visitors and when they are happy with your work and products.
  • As a women we are so busy to take care of ourselves, here’s the perfect way to start - Exfoliation

    hese days it is quite hard not being busy. Especially with work, family and personal time it is quite hard to find peace and not be rushing. As we see that, we want to bring ease to at least one aspec
  • AMWC 2019 Asia

    This year’s AMWC conference was such a blast for Aromase’s team because we not only got good comments and suggestions but also received appreciation from leading speakers and innovators in the field!
  • Celebrate your love with father by gifting him “Care” - The Best Daughter

    Our fathers are an extreme example of what sacrifice, care and love look like in a life form. Fathers have a deeper connection when it comes to daughters. They are very protective and nurturing wantin
  • Summer is here? Don’t worry we have the perfect treatment for it

    As summer is almost here, we feel by the sun shining right above our head and causing us and our body much discomfort. We are not sure about other things but we surely are sure that we can help your s
  • This technology can get rid of any scalp problems by detecting them - Welcome “ScalpX”

    Ever wondered what lies in the depth of your hair root? How does your scalp look? And how you can take utmost care? Look no further Scalp X is the tecnology your scalp needs
  • Best shampoo for increasing hair volume

    Let me tell you first who this shampoo is for anyone who thinks hair loss, less hair growth or thin hair is their problem, this is what you should be using. This shampoo is for all kinds of the scalp
  • 5 Tips for managing oily hair

    More often than not we tend to think that if we wash our hair frequently or using excess shampoo helps, which can prove quite wrong in our opinion. So the science behind that would be since you are wa
  • Wash your hair, the perfect way!

    Rinse your hair to make it wet with water between 35-40 Centigrade. Specifically hot water because it opens up pores so that the dust that gets stuck all day gets eliminated before we start using sham
  • Cure that itchy scalp in a snap of fingers!

    One of the most common problems that people face is having an itchy scalp. It might seem trivial in the beginning but it results in domino effect which means that it triggers other problems one after
  • Healthy habits to prevent hair problems

    Involving more fatty acids in the diet helps a long way as it enhances scalp strength which in return gives strengthens hair follicles which results in better hair. Cutting down on junk food or proces
  • Why do you need a hair conditioner?

    Conditioner provides a safe coating so that the hair does not break easily. Adding to that it also makes it smooth, lessens the frizz and mainly detangles it. If that is something you do not believe t
  • 5 Tricks to get rid of Dry Scalp

    Special care needs to be taken in terms of your eating habits. Consider diet as something who is responsible to supply nourishment to your scalp and hair from inside. Better the dies, better is the bu
  • 3 Symptoms of damaged hair and how battle that!

    Beginning with the list, if you run your hands through the hair and if it feels a bit bumpy that is a red flag, yes right there. If you run your hand through it should usually feel smooth but if it do
  • 3 Misconceptions about scalp

    All Shampoos have chemicals in it”? Right? We all have had this thought sometime in our lives and then we just pick up a shampoo and use it. Actually this is something that I would like to share my kn
  • 5 Reasons for Hair Loss and How to prevent them

    Any kind of physical regulatory like flu or surgery, illness can trigger temporary hair loss. Because of that the hair follicles go in shock as a result it alters the hair life cycle where the sheddin
  • The perfect “basic” winter scalp care!

    With the change in season, comes the change in temperatures, humidity level and wind conditions. All of these collectively damage our scalp and hair if care is not taken exclusively for these conditio
  • 4 Tips to grow your hair volume naturally

    One all you need is virgin coconut oil. Heat it up a little and then massage it gently on your scalp and hair. Take your time and have the circular motion of your hand. It efficiently increases blood
  • Dandruff vs. Dry Scalp, what is the difference?

    In order to kill dry scalp, simple solution would be to hydrate the scalp, that being said, some quick home remedies are coconut oil, massage coconut oil before sleeping so that it stays on your scalp
  • 5 Tips for better hair in winter

    Winter brings dark dry grayness to the environment which affects our scalp and hair way more than we imagine it to. And since we don’t sweat much we don’t realize that it is indeed getting dirtier and