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5 Ingredients to be avoided in a shampoo

Shampoos have taken over the natural industry because of the good smell and good looking pigment. While both of that is nothing more than a trap people do not know what that solution consists of. Some chemicals could be directly connected to deprecating the quality of hair rather than making it any better. Our team not only works to deliver you the perfect natural shampoo but also wants to educate about what is going wrong in that fancy looking bottle in your bathroom!


Retinyl Palmitate, also known as retinol is termed as good for skin but as soon as it makes contact with the skin it works in the other direction. Retinol has a name for causing skin irritation, peeling, redness and itching. So instead of doing any good it is causing massive harm. Well it doesn’t stop there, it also causes because some other side effects of Retinyl Palmitate include cancer, reproduction problems and organ toxicity; all of those are biggest monsters, be aware!


Triclosan, it was formerly banned in 2016 but then it is still found in shampoos, toothpastes and soaps. Since it was banned before you can understand the threat it poses, it has a bad name for causing hormone problems, cancer, neuro development disruptions. All of this big names are quite scary and you never know Triclosan might be sitting somewhere on your shelf.

Dimethicone, it is from Silicone family. Well it does make your hair shiny but at an unhealthier cost. It blocks moisture and nutrients, resulting in collection dirt, sweat and fungus. It also clogs pores which causes irritation and messes up oil secretion near the follicle which is required for optimum hair and scalp.

Sodium Chloride, yes you guessed it right, it is “Salt”, yes the salt that we add to food. What it does in shampoo is thickens it to give that slimy texture, which at first place is unhealthy. Salt can react differently on scalp causing dryness and itch, which then delegates the problem of hair loss. This is one of those pigments who cause inflammation when shampoos go in your eyes, which is an instant reaction of unacceptance.


Last name for today is SLES, shorter the name, worst the effect it is! SLES is a very strong detergent which only knows harsh washing. It sweeps away all the natural oil and moisture from the hair making it all rough, fizzy and unhealthy. Natural oils are secreted by Hair Follicle for maintenance of hair but then SLES cleans them away making it more vulnerable to problems.


So here are 5 monsters that you should be aware of and be taken care of. Next time you buy shampoo, remember to eliminate these demons.


2019 / 02 / 11
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