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5 Most common scalp problems that you need to know

Well you might be thinking that today we will talk about some very general stuff like dandruff, but let me tell you NO! It is too common that everybody knows atlast a little bit about it but today I wish to dig deeper and discuss some problems that you do not hear very often but pose threat to your scalp.


Let’s get straight into it, shall we?


Dandruff, yes I know it is very common and you might be thinking why “Dandruff”? They say that the simplest things make the biggest problems. Dandruff are generally white flakes which scale different sizes but cause problems from itchiness to smelly scalp. On a longer run it also causes infection which could totally kill the quality of hair and scalp. In a nutshell, it also makes your shoulders look flaky.


Another commonly big dilemma scalp problem is “Hair-Loss”, yes you read that right hair loss is also a result of bad scalp conditions. Hair loss happens when the hair follicles are damaged and that is a result of poor scalp conditions. It is as common as more than 5 million people suffer from it. While it may seem utterly common and trivial it does affect long term. However it is scientifically proven that hair loss can be genetic.


Folliculitis, is the next monster on the list. The name seems scary enough but it quite easy to get this disease. It is basically an inflammation which is caused in the follicle, which is where hair grows. It can happen due to shaving, plucking so it is very common but it is very annoying because that area has pus filled pimples. Although they go away after a while but it is recommended to keep that area dry and cool.

Psoriasis. It is commonly uncommon, so people have an idea about what it is but not quite vividly. So it is excessive cell growth on scalp leaving red patches causing itch and soreness. It is mostly treated with special shampoos and solutions but in worse case scenario, doctors go for steroids.


Lastly, for today is “Dermatitis”. Starting from small blisters all the way to skin thickening it leads affected scalp to the road downhill. Blisters have high possibility of causing an infection with pus formation and further leading major problems. Skin thickening causes baldness or causing no hair growth from those patches. It is indeed followed by redness and patches which further intensifies the scalp conditions.


So these were five common scalp problems that you should be aware of. That is our mission that each of you out there should have a healthy scalp!

2019 / 02 / 08
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