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Anti-Itchy and Dermatitis Essential Shampoo

Well let’s assume that you suffer from either scalp dryness or maybe you feel itchy up there frequently. Or maybe what if there is fungal growth in your scalp and maybe apart from all of it, you feel that your scalp has red patches with white chunks of stiff dandruff; sadly, this is the case of dermatitis. Wait wait, don’t be sad yet! That is the sole reason we are writing this to you, we are here to present “Aromase Anti - Itchy and Dermatitis Essential Shampoo”.


The name is quite enough to explain what it can do bt please allow me to dive furthermore into it so that you really know the capabilities of this product. It is made up of pure goodness; namely, herbal extracts, surfactants, D-Panthenol and Glycyrrhetinic Acid Complex. What it does is helps moisturize scalp while also cleaning it. Resulting in maintaining a healthy scalp. It does not stop there, also featuring Sesame Oil, Buxus Chinensis Oil along with Glycyrrhetinic Acid Complex is the perfect combination for healing follicles and skin (scalp).


Coming in an amazing emerald green bottle with three size variants, it is destined to be a solution for bacterial or itchy scalp. It also maintains freshness for a longer period over time. Necessarily it purifies Keratin after which it fights Malassezia, which is a form of fungus found on scalp/skin responsible for deteriorating the freshness of scalp. Lastly, it balances the environment and conditions the scalp. As it takes care of your scalp from all aspects leaving no reason for your scalp to be unhealthy.

Some hidden features of this gem are that it is totally Dimethicone free, there is no presence of SLS, plus it is also soap and artificial colouring free. What that does is it exposes your scalp to a watery liquid solution which does absolutely no harm but only good. It takes care of your scalp like a mother does to a baby. Nothing in terms of quality is compromised.


It’s pH value is below 5.5 which means that it less of an acid which again harms your scalp. Lower pH value ensures that the acidic activity is minimised and hardly any damage happens to scalp.


Conclusively, it is one of the best solutions available on that shelf which provide an all round treatment to your scalp. With which it will totally wipe off that stubborn dandruff plus it cures that red patch which causes the itch.


Run and get it now!

2019 / 01 / 21
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