hese days it is quite hard not being busy. Especially with work, family and personal time it is quite hard to find peace and not be rushing. As we see that, we want to bring ease to at least one aspec scalp,working life, therapy,scalp care, women

As a women we are so busy to take care of ourselves, here’s the perfect way to start - Exfoliation

With our lives getting busier every day we tend to multi-task each moment. It is quite hard to keep track of everything and accomplish all tasks at a given time. That being said, the most affected area, in this case, becomes our health. We often tend to ignore our health and push harder on work because we regard work to be more important. Which is true but also false. Health absolutely comes first and should be given equal attention like anything else.

After observing this, with all the busy lifestyles we’ve got these days, we at JuliArt thought how can we contribute to you by reducing at least 1 worry out of all the worries? No no, we cannot help you with your accounts yet but what can surely help you is with your hair care and scalp care. Presenting to you all my beautiful and busy ladies out there, “Exfoliating Liquid Shampoo” and “Repairing Scalp Mask”. An all in one exfoliation treatment exclusively for you.

This shampoo is not the common shampoo that you buy from the supermarket who smells very good but has tons on silicon and bad preservatives. This is something special, it is designed to exfoliate (Hence the name) but is also completely suitable to scalps who tend to suffer from Psoriasis, Dandruff, Dermatitis as it regularly cleans both scalp and hair.

This shampoo is rich in “Keratin” which comes from a family of proteins helping better hair strands. Keratin is a vital protein for better hair care as it protects the Epithelial Cells.

Moving on with the shampoo, some of its noteworthy features are its texture! Yes, it is fluid and viscous like water. No! Seriously, just like water. Other shampoos have this weird white creamy texture with tons of glittering beads in it, there’s a high chance that they use silicone for that or even microplastics. Why would your scalp or hair need any of that? That is why JuliArt considered this part very seriously and make it as thin and fluid as water. Another reason for doing it is that it spreads easily all over the scalp and is easily absorbed. So you see, the more liquified it is, better it will spread and reach the roots.

It is an absolute jewel of shampoo when it comes to cleansing clogged pores. As I mentioned earlier that is very much like water. It reaches to the very bottom and cleanses, hydrates and rejuvenates hair follicles, scalp and makes your scalp breathe freely. While doing all of this it also removes extra sebum and everything that is unwanted for your scalp while keeping it all healthy, fresh and hydrated.

Talking about hydration, since it has vital ingredients that help hydration, it does an amazing job at hydrating. Keeps your scalp cool and hydrated in a natural way. You feel fresh all day long with that nice aroma keeps you happy all day.

Next one in the Exfoliation treatment is the “Repairing Scalp Mask”. Just regard this as a face mask of your scalp. All you ever have to do is apply a decent amount of it on dry scalp and voila! There you go. It soothes irritated skin, helps in the hydrating scalp, balances oil secretion and strengthens hair follicles. It actively and effectively avoids the growth of bacteria on your scalp and takes care of your scalp after perming or dying. Although I do want to mention that the mask is an in-salon product. That is because we want you to relax totally and let our specialists do the work, after all, you have to do so many tasks, we can relieve you with this one.

So as they say that “Our Body is our home” I really want to start getting healthy along with working harder each day. On the journey of getting healthier if you go from top to bottom, what comes first? Exactly, your hair and scalp. Let’s start with this and get healthier, leading a long and peaceful life while being busy. Lastly, drink enough water, go drink some now.

2019 / 06 / 18
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