Our fathers are an extreme example of what sacrifice, care and love look like in a life form. Fathers have a deeper connection when it comes to daughters. They are very protective and nurturing wantin scalp,fathers day, daughter, scalp care, women

Celebrate your love with father by gifting him “Care” - The Best Daughter

Although June is the month when everybody celebrates father’s day, we daughters don’t wait till june for that. We have seen how our father has taken care of us since day 1 until this very moment, it is somehow inimaginable their love for us that they shower without and expectation of returns. We should take special time out for that person who has stood for us no matter what and made our lives worth living and enjoyable. Hence, celebrating father’s day every day by showing care and love is what we want you to do. Let’s see how can we do that

Gift your dad an amazing caretaking and nourishing shampoo. Just like our father has taken care of us all life long this shampoo does the same to your scalp and hair. Presenting JuliArt’s “Exfoliating Liquid Shampoo” and “Repairing Scalp Mask”. It takes care of your scalp and hair just like your dad did and even your dad’s scalp needs such nourishment right? So go ahead and gift him these amazing exfoliation products.

Let’s dive deeper into both of these products, starting with “Exfoliating Liquid Shampoo”. As the name suggests that the shampoo is an exfoliator, mind me it is not any ordinary shampoo that exfoliates. This shampoo is studded with wholesome good ingredients and qualities. Starting with its one of its ingredients like “Keratin”. It comes from the family of nutritious fiber proteins which is quite important for building and nurturing of hair. Its ability to protect epithelial cells is a marvel which helps protect hair and scalp. Moving on, the next thing you might want to make note of is that it is suitable for all types of scalp like the ones that suffer from Psoriasis, Dandruff, Dermatitis.

Along with the above, it is a master when it comes to cleaning, soothing, and hydrating your scalp. Did you know about its texture? No, right. Here comes the deal breaker, the texture of this shampoo is as thin as water, no legit water. It is not one of those creamy cream colored with microbeads shampoo. Also, if you find yourself using such shampoo then let me inform you that some of those shampoos out there are loaded with silicone and microplastics which are not but your scalp’s enemy. That is why we only add stuff that is good for your hair and scalp in out shampoos ensuring maximum effectiveness and no harm to your scalp and hair.

Next good thing about this shampoo is that along with soothing it doesn’t stop there. It further works on removing clogged or blocked pores or hair follicles so as to make your scalp breathe and eventually grow to its fullest beauty.

That was it about shampoo but wait, it is not over yet. Here comes a nice dessert for your meal. Let’s talk about “Repairing Scalp Mask”. Firstly, let me start off by saying that this is what face mask is for the face. Yes, it is a mask for your scalp. All you have to do apply enough quantity on dry scalp and leave it for 15 minutes. Then your work is done and the mask starts its job. It soothes irritated skin, hydrates the scalp effectively, balances oil secretion, strengthens the hair follicle. Along with all this, it takes care of your scalp after perming or dying. 

Sometimes we feel that the best gifts are expensive cars or watches but it is later when we realize that small things matter the most. This gift of care and love will go a long way in nurturing the health of hair and make it healthier for the person who has left no stone unturned for your health.

I don’t see why you won’t gift this to your father, extend your love and show him how much his health matters to you. Honestly, gifting something that is good for the health and productive is the best gift ever so go ahead and waste no time.

2019 / 06 / 04
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