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How scalp and hair problems are connected?

What if I told you that the reason for your hair loss is not even related to hair? Or even the quality of hair does not depend totally on hair? Or even that your hair health is not totally depended on your hair care habits!! You would be shocked right? But the answer to all of those is a big fat TRUE!


Let’s start with the basics, so think to yourself where does hair grow from? Right from the skin on the head right? Precisely, that is called scalp! So what scalp has is the hair roots, which means the production of hair is seeded inside scalp. You see the connection building up? This is just the beginning, it only gets interesting from here.


Scalp has millions of small pockets which contain the seed for hair which are scientifically termed as “Follicles”, precisely; “Hair Follicles”. It is a sac which has glands which regulate growth and maintenance of hair. Hair follicles are sensitive to touch and they can process that stimulus for more hair growth. Therefore, scalp is actually where the growth of hair begins, and if scalp is healthy; the result (the hair) will be healthy.

A lot of people are maybe unaware or ignorant towards this structure of hair growth which makes them more likely to get infected or affected by some sort of scalp/hair discomfort. So we just talked about hair growth, but what about the process after the hair grows? Does the role of scalp and hair follicle ends? NO, actually growing a hair is just the beginning, the actual process begins after that. The same hair follicle plays a major role in keeping the environment hydrated and clean. Hair follicles also release an oily textured liquid near the follicle to regulate and maintain the quality of hair. Thus now you see that scalp plays a major role in taking care of your hair.


Some of the problems that occur to people who do not take good care of scalp include hair loss, itchy scalp, dermatitis and many more amongst others. While it is recommended to take utmost care of hair, in my opinion it is of the same relevance to take care of the scalp as it is from where the hair starts its growth. Also, healthy scalp means better regulation of hair.


Hopefully, now you understand the importance of having healthy scalp in order to have that silky, shiny hair gliding off your forehead. Remember; taking care of scalp is taking care of hair.


2019 / 02 / 04
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