As summer is almost here, we feel by the sun shining right above our head and causing us and our body much discomfort. We are not sure about other things but we surely are sure that we can help your s scalp,summer, therapy,scalp care, healthy life

Summer is here? Don’t worry we have the perfect treatment for it

Summer is always that time of the year when our hair gets almost burnt. Although we might sometimes not feel it or see it, summer actually dries out hair and affects its texture in a dramatic way. Not to mention the problem that arises with sweat and dust is an absolute threat to hair and also to scalp. But in result, if it affects the scalp, it eventually will affect hair; as we know, healthy scalp leads to healthy hair. One mainly sees hair thinning and hair drying during summer as humidity is not a good friend of hair and scalp. So in all the mess how can you protect your precious asset, your hair? Don’t you worry because we got your back. As we have discussed a couple of times before that “JuliArt” is made to cater your and exclusively your type of problems and help rejuvenate your scalp and hair altogether. For the problem named “Summer”, we have an exclusive solution for you which will help you keep your hair fresh as a flower.

At Juliart, we firmly believe that having healthy hair is not a quick solution, instead, it is a process. That process exists for the reason of serving a long term quality over instant quick solution. Hence our treatment which is called E-C-H-O starts with an “E”. It is very important than you would imagine. It means exfoliation and that lays the foundation of the ECHO treatment.

 So let’s take that E for Exfoliation on another level. Introducing JuliArt’s “Exfoliating Liquid Shampoo” and “Repairing Scalp Mask”. These two products are great masters when it comes to taking care of Exfoliation. The Liquid Shampoo is packed with amazing caretaking techniques. It is a master when it comes to cleansing, relaxing, moisturizing and supplying anti-bacterial properties to your hair. Did I mention yet? That this shampoo has Keratin! It comes from the family of fibrous structural proteins which is a god sent a gift to your hair and scalp. It treats your hair and scalp like a baby because it is also the protein which helps you protect the epithelial cells.

This shampoo is a master when it comes to scalp exfoliation. You can trust it with anyone who has Psoriasis, dandruff, and dermatitis. Not only it exfoliates but also makes sure that everything is clean and maintained.

Discussing a little more about the shampoo; you have to note its texture, it is just like water! Yes, so thin and fluid. Normally shampoos have a white creamy texture with weird white microbeads in it which might be silicone which by no means is good for your scalp. That way we made this product which has nothing that shouldn’t be there. Also, we made is very thin so that it can spread easily over the scalp and get absorbed by your scalp with ease.

It also deep cleans the blocked or clogged hair follicles so as to let them breathe and nurture. As it is the root of your hair, it has to be healthy enough to ooze out a thick healthy hair strand. While doing this, it also manages to remove sebum from the scalp, again making it all good and fresh in your scalp and hair follicles.

The main reason why we recommend this in summer is that this shampoo is capable of hydrating your skin in a natural way which is what the absolute requirement is during summer. Summer dehydrates not only the water content from the body but also makes our skin, scalp, and hair dry. So along with drinking enough water, we have to make sure that our body is well hydrated.

We really think that this shampoo can change your attitude towards summer with the freshness it brings to your life.

Lastly, let’s talk briefly about “Repairing Scalp Mask”, it is a mask which stays on your scalp for 10-15 minutes. It hydrates the scalp, soothes irritation, balances oil secretion, makes hair follicle stronger and much more. It is a perfect companion to your summer scalp needs.

Conclusively, summer is that time of the year when we face a lot of irritation, sweat, and itchy feeling over our scalp and due to that our hair also feels greasy. This is what makes this treatment a must have in summer. As it not only freshens up the whole space it also exfoliates the unfreshness away. It makes hair and scalp breathe fresh air while keeping it fresh for a longer time. There is no way you can go back after using these products as they deliver more than expected.

So get your summer treatment products today and look at the sun with confidence because now it can’t do anything bad to your hair scalp!

2019 / 05 / 21
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