Ever wondered what lies in the depth of your hair root? How does your scalp look? And how you can take utmost care? Look no further Scalp X is the tecnology your scalp needs scalp,technology, therapy,scalp care, scalp test

This technology can get rid of any scalp problems by detecting them - Welcome “ScalpX”

Technology as we have seen it has advanced drastically. The good side of that is we have been able to apply that progress to our daily lives like smartphones, cameras, smart cars and what not. And following the technological legacy, we decided why not to apply such benefits to our users and hence introducing “ScalpX”

It is one step forward in scalp care industry where you see what is in your scalp on a tablet, as simple as that! Instant results and analysis help our specialists guide through your scalp conditions and give you pieces of advice for the best nourishment and care. 

Now when you go to a salon or even at your home, within a few steps you can precisely know how is your scalp doing? You might be curious how does this miracle happen and work? Do not worry, we got your back.

Let’s discuss the steps of how it makes your scalp great again! Step 1 is a simple consultation questionnaire where we ask you everything about your lifestyle, your scalp care, and hair care techniques. We also pay special attention to details hence we ask you about your diet habits. As we believe that what quality of shampoo brands you use alters the way your hair or scalp reacts so we also ask you about that so that we don’t leave any stone unturned. We want to strive hard in order to achieve the best results for you and your scalp.

Next step is the most fun part. Yes, you guessed it right, we use the “Scalp X” analysis. So scalp X machine consists of a handheld microscope which is attached to a big touchscreen tablet. Our specialist will use the handheld microscope to analyze your scalp and the live feed is seen on the screen. Our specialists are trained in such a way that they use very simple language to make you understand almost everything about your scalp. The handheld microscope is such an advanced machine that it can zoom in out with such ease while exploring what lies beneath that hair root and what problems you might be facing. It also has lighting capabilities where the specialist can increase or decrease the intensity of light based on how clear the live feed is. 

We make scientific comparison and analysis so as to give you the best interpretation and advice on how to secure your precious scalp. Since our main motto is to educate and inform people on scalp care we also inform you about your scalp type and hair type so that you can be cautious of what products and food you should consume in order to get a healthier scalp. We also explain your hair follicle condition because that tells a lot about your scalp and hair conditions. It also helps you to set a perspective on how to take care of your scalp.

Next step which is “Step 3” is the results time. Don’t worry you won’t be stamped as Pass or Fail. Our software is designed in such an advanced way that it recommends what products might be the best fit for you based on your scalp and hair type. It is quite an important step because this step gives an action plan and this where you have to understand what each product does to a different type of hair. That is why we educate you about your hair and scalp type so that you don’t have to worry much.

Since now we're done with most of the part, you will be given an offline report based on your analysis. But what if you loose it or the report gets misplaced? That can happen we understand and that is why we have a seamless cloud service which will have your report anytime you need it as long as you are connected to the internet. Which most of us are always, aren't we?

We believe in fostering relationships and we genuinely care about you and your health hence we don’t want to wave a goodbye. You can set-up a follow-up appointment with us anytime you think you need some consultation.

So that is “Scalp X” for you. It is definitely something that you should think about as it is made to help and refurbish your scalp care. We want to spread the word out that scalp care and hair care go hand in hand, always!

2019 / 05 / 07
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