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Why a company needs interns?

“Interns” are the group of people who lack experience, have no professional outlook and they are unaware of system. What makes them masters is the enthusiasm that they posses. They are the ones who want to revolutionize, innovate and break the rules! They have this underlying curiosity of learning and more importantly the hunger to know how system works.


Companies have full-time employees, part-time employees who come everyday from 9AM until 6PM; they are consistent, hard-working but what they have is a commitment and have to comply with the coordinates to follow. What they do not have is the freedom of experimentation and the curiosity. Interns fill that void and give another wave to the company’s mission and perspective.


Each company has its mission set and certain goals to accomplish. Inorder to make everything happen employees work day in and out in. Employees have certain code of ethics to comply and their expertise develops a routine. Along with all of this, employees have too much on their plate. In between all of this, three students join the team who are not even graduated sometimes. Company has somehow seen some sort of potential in those individuals and now those individuals are on the system’s side and not on the customer’s side. They are all set to bring in this freshness with all the trendy stuff which is going on in the world right now. Interns are sometimes not very determined but that is what they in that company to learn.


Consistency, determination and dedication; more often that not, the company gives me them a sudden push towards the direction they want to approach and all of a sudden they get a hint of what they want to pursue in the near future. What they get apart fro professional experience is the feel of what it takes to run a company and successfully mentor the process that it includes.


 Let’s discuss what does company get in return for teaching few newbies the back end of business.


Firstly, apart from potential future full time employees, they also come to know about the latest trends and an eye from outside their bubble! It is someone who is totally new and can spot the issues in the processes or management just to make it better. Companies can find what elements of the trend they are missing down the road and can work on it with the help of interns to catch up in this race of being better.


In my opinion, interns are important asset to a company even if it temporary sometimes. They have a momentum and zeal towards this new company they got hired at. That zeal is something that fades slowly in full-time employees because they get used to the culture and environment in the office. Interns give this perfect blend of inexperience and raw knowledge which needs little bit of shave and polish to make something close to a masterpiece.


With that being said, how many interns do you have? Get them on board today!!!

2019 / 01 / 28
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