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Why Juniper is more important for your scalp than you think?

While it may seem that juniper is not as famous as Tulsi or Turmeric in terms of health benefits but that is a surprise that Juniper is a good competitor to Tulsi or Turmeric when it comes to health benefits! As we discuss everything about Scalp Care here, let us walk you through some of its benefits. 

Before starting out with all the fancy names, here is a fun fact; did you know that Juniper berries are dominant when it comes to production of Gin, yes you read that right, that pepperish taste that you feel comes from Juniper. Next time you pour that Gin, be thankful to Juniper for the taste!

Now let’s dive in all the facts and medical names; so Juniper berries are rich in antioxidants which are a major stress reliever. Antioxidants have major disease fighting abilities so that is one major player in maintaining that hygiene on your scalp. Moving forward, next big name in the game is Superoxide Dismutase, it is proven that SOD treats different types of cancer and heart disease. Applying such great solutions on scalp not only prevents it from diseases but also maintains the scalp.

Juniper berries are rich in natural antiseptic, they master in killing bacteria and fungi. Keeping it fresh and warm. It is “Candida Fungus” which is efficiently killed by Juniper, Candida is known for causing infection resulting in weakened immune system.

Apart from being an absolute solution to eczema, the antioxidants come to rescue against other big names like Vitiligo and Cellulite. These are the breeds of fungus which damage skin immensely. It is quite a pleasure to see that Juniper Berries directly attack those monsters.


Juniper extracts/oils have this antibacterial, detoxifying, cathartic, soothing effect on health while stimulating natural freshness. It’s specialities include defeating seborrhea, dermatitis and acne which are giants when comes to scalp area. The pepperish taste and rough feel that is has makes it an asset while fighting these diseases.


Hopefully this is enough for today because all those big names are scary but it's good to know that Juniper berries, extracts, oils has got our back. So thanks to Juniper for strengthening our scalp.

2019 / 01 / 14
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