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Why preservatives and chemicals are bad for your scalp?

It sounds so obvious and probably you are thinking that everybody knows that chemicals and preservatives are slow poison to ones body. Then why am I writing this article? Let me tell you, not many people think about it like you do! If you have ever used a shampoo with thick texture, color, specific fragrance, it is most likely that you are the person I am trying to reach!

I want to stress on few scientific names, specifically some chemicals found in your shampoo who sit inside that bottle of shampoo and are poured little by little on your palm making way to your head and then causing unparalleled damage to your skin, scalp, hair and what not.

Let’s start? Shall we?

  • SLS, knows as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. I am so glad to expose this chemical which is a common ingredient these days in shampoos but in fact its primary role is an insecticide, yes you read that right, it is supposed to be killing insects in the field but instead it landed in that small bottle making way to your head, causing damage to your scalp and hair in specific. It does not stop there, do you know, sodium and ammonium laureth sulfates are well known as cancer causing ingredients, right, CANCER!!! Not to mention some other diseases SLS gifts its users is liver damage, skin rashes, depression, eye damage. SO, check your shampoo if SLS is present or not.
  • Cocamidopropyl Betaine, works as a foaming agent. It is also quite famous for causing major skin and eye irritation cases. In some cases it is found that it causes Dermatitis, which is another monster for your scalp and hair, for sure you want to say away from Dermatitis or else your loved ones stay few inches away from you. The problem with Cocamidopropyl Betaine is that government regards it safe but there are many cases in which this has been an issue, so choose for yourself if that is the risk you want to take!
  • PEG, or shall I call it Polyethylene Glycol, is another big name in chemical industry. It is very famous for causing Cancer and organ toxicity. Yes that is right, it has direct link to both of those. Plus, it is one of those ingredients that is often found in conditioners. Originally it comes from manufacturing sector, as it is the by product of ethoxylation process.
  • Phenoxyethanol, is the last one on this list for now but there are many other monsters out there than you think. This one is also warned by FDA which causes Central Nervous System to Shut down, causes organ toxicity and may cause dermatitis.

The reason why it is important to care so much is that 60% of skin care, hair care, scalp care products are directly dissolved into your skin, blood and organs, it is significantly important to understand the sincereness of the situation and act upon it with proper research and care!

2018 / 12 / 31
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