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We provide hair care products to restore your hair back to health state and solve scalp problems.

Create the Art of Hair

The soul of this brand is to treat your hair like a piece of artwork. We believe if the hair is the tree, the scalp is the soil, the root is always the most important part for healthy hair. We do research on scalp concerns aiming on the scalp and hair nature. Using pure herbal essence to keep the scalp moisturized and rejuvenated, with formulas that are suitable for all kinds of scalp problems.

Scalp Care Expert

As a scalp doctor at home, protecting your scalp is our number one priority. We provide professional products of hair and scalp care and co-developed products with dermatologists, to make sure that you have a healthy scalp.

  • juliArt – Once and Forever
    The imperfect circle is the imprint of what juliArt focus on the essence. From the raw and simple materials of nature, juliArt concentrates simply on the true beauty of scalp.
  • AROMASE- Breathe & Grow
    Healthy hair only grows on a healthy scalp. AROMASE insists on guarding the health of your scalp! 
Restore your scalp

Awaken the original healthy state of your scalp with natural treatments. Gentle and effective, it's a complete scalp therapy.
To interweave beauty, science and nature, MacroHI's vision is to touch the hearts of everyone through our expertise in hair.