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Our Story



  • Golden Boat Award - ESG Category Finalist (TOP 10)

  • AROMASE - iF Product Design Award

  • AROMASE - Green Product Award Nominee - Anti Hairloss Shampoo rPET packaging

  • juliArt opened the first scalp center in Taipei

  • juliArt CISPER hair revitalizing serum award Monde Selection 2021 GRand Gold


  • Became a Certified B Corporation™ as the only B Corp in scalp care business in Taiwan

  • AROMASE - Cradle to Cradle circular economy certification, the 1st Bronze level product in Asia.

  • AROMASE - Taiwan Excellence Award

  • AROMASE - Golden Pin Design Award


  • AROMASE achieved Pure Beauty Global Awards 2019 Finalists as the only Asian brand in Hair Product category.

  • AROMASE exhibited at AMWC Asia 2019.

  • MediPro™ was launched with eco-friendly package and medical formulated features.


  • AROMASE & juliArt firstly participated  Global Expo -  Cosmoprof Bologna.

  • AROMASE was recommended by  hundreds of dermatologists and pharmacists.


  • AROMASE has successfully distributed to Germany.

  • AROMASE and juliArt attended COSMOPROF Hong Kong.

  • Hair Care Center II launched in En Chu Kong Hospital.

  • HIT (Haircare Institute of Trichology) has established and co-develop a credit course with Hung Kuang university Department of Hair Styling and Design.


  • To expand our market internationally, AROMASE has distributed the products to many foreign countries, including Russia’s top cosmetic store “L’Etoile”.

  • AROMASE attended COSMOPROF Hong Kong.

  • Create ScalpX examine software to provide professional examination for clients and obtained a patent certificate.


  • AROMASE has released its latest scalp protection 5a Juniper scalp purifying liquid shampoo to the market. It was distributed to major hospitals and clinics and has received praises from dermatologists.

  • AROMASE attended COSMOPROF Hong Kong for the first time.


  • The brand juliArt was established, and was ready to enter the market.

  • In 2014 Fashion Guide Cosmetic Beauty Award contest, juliArt won TOP 1 in the hairline category.


Opened Hair Care Center in MacroHI company to serve VIPs and provide scalp care service for customers.


To care for pregnant women and newborn babies, we have released MamaFaBow series for Mommy and baby of shampoos. Preventing hair loss for during and after pregnancy and caring for the sensitive skin of the baby.


Seemoli and AROMASE set up a Facebook fan page to post the latest info regarding hair care problems or promoting the latest products.


Executing the EDEN plan to personalize the product. Seemoli became” The art of Hair” and AROMASE became “The coach of Scalp”.


The brand Seemoli released in department stores.Seemoli and AROMASE were officially two separate operating departments.


The brand AROMASE was born. Distributing its products to medical clinics and pharmacies and beauty stores.


MacroHi Co. Ltd. was established.


JYI LIH CHEMISTRY WORKS was found by great grandfather of our founder, Eric Chen. JYI LIH worked with its strategic partner in Japan to develop and produce hair care line. They have been successfully launched over hundreds popular products. After six decades. MacroHi was founded.

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