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About MacroHI

The best Scalp treatment to nurse your hair to health

“If MacroHI doesn't bring value to the society, then there's no meaning in our existence.”

From my grandfather managing a factory, I started  to observe the process of manufacturing hair care products. After graduation from department of Chemistry in Soochow University , instead of working in our business,  I  decided to search my world in IT industry for 8 years.  It was the moment that I realize I need something to be done. I advance my study in the USA  with the sponsor of Rotary Foundation and after that I founded MacroHi.

Interesting! Unique! To do whatever people think impossible to do!

When the customers feel the specialty and value of your products, they will come near you and trust you.


Making brands and products are like being a human being. Let us go back to our first  heart and put the initial zeal motive in our dream. We hope everyone that feels beauty of life trough MacroHi, can create their own unique value and adhere their dreams.


Eric Chen

Fouder of MacroHI Co., Ltd

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