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About MacroHI

The best Scalp treatment to nurse your hair to health

“If MacroHI doesn't bring value to the society, then there's no meaning in our existence.” - Mr. Eric Chen, Founder of MacroHI

Under Mr. Eric Chen's leadership, MacroHI has grown from a two-person team in 2003 to a thriving workforce of over 130 today. We are committed to promoting scalp and hair health, and have pioneered unique brands and treatment systems in scalp care. Our ultimate aim is to help you discover and value your inherent worth.

Our unwavering commitment and firm belief stem from the encouraging feedback we received at Medical Seminars, Hospital Tours, Pharmacy Seminars, and local scalp check-up events.


We strive to educate people about their scalp health and provide solutions to improve it. This has always driven us to make MacroHI increasingly accessible.


Our mission won't cease until the global market recognizes the significance of scalp care and begins to prioritize it!

Our Sustainability Commitment

“If MacroHI doesn't bring value to the society, then there's no meaning in our existence.” This is our belief and mission.

We firmly believe that
each dollar you spend represents your vision for the world. Similarly, every bottle of shampoo we manufacture embodies our shared commitment to nurturing our planet.

We believe that the underlying principle in business revolves around "altruism". Our focus is on winning the hearts and minds of people, rather than solely concentrating on profit generation. We believe that financial success will naturally follow when we effectively engage and resonate with people.


Our corporate sustainability is founded on our mission of altruism. This is our vision:


  • In environmental sustainability, our commitment extends to advocating for a "circular economy" and "renewable energy". We are dedicated to collaborating with consumers to make the world a brighter place.

  • In social care, we endeavor to address overlooked needs, providing support to caregivers and education in remote villages. Our goal is to fill the world's missing corners with love.

  • In corporate governance, our focus is on leveraging our core competencies through a people-centric approach. We strive to foster a culture that values pragmatism, trust, altruism and innovation. Our aim is to create a rewarding work environment that provides physical, mental, and spiritual enrichment for our team members. This includes opportunities in education, health, empowerment, and support for family and child-rearing.

Together, we are approaching happiness, inspiring lives and brightening the world.

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