ResponsibilityMacroHI-See the need, not the cause

Restore the healthy scalp
Give Back to Society

Starting in 2012, we worked with dermatologist on a project of giving a pro bono service to the patients with scalp conditions. Up until today, we have donated 200,000 bottles of dermatological shampoos to major hospitals and dermatology clinics across Taiwan and received positive feedback from patients with seborrheic dermatitis and psoriasis


Helping those in need

We endeavour to provide a service that improves scalp conditions for those in need. We constantly visit orphanages and to demonstrate how to wash hair to avoid scalp problems. We have been working with over than 30 different charity groups to provide hair washing guidelines and efficient natural shampoo. We will continue to carry on our work and give hope to those in need. We invite friends and families to join us in the effort to aid those in need through out charitable activities.

Restore the healthy scalp
Become one with Nature

At MacroHi we create shampoos for all hair types, and we do not use chemical preservatives. We are determined to use natural ingredients, to make sure the products from MacroHi not only restores your hair’s healthy state, but are also environmentally friendly.