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MacroHI Sustainable Goals and 2023 Highlights

Mid- and Long-term Sustainable Goals

As a Certified B Corporation, MacroHI strives to 'use business as a force for good.' Focusing on 5 of the 5 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we are committed to becoming the best company "for" the world.

SDGs Sustainable Strategy - Highlights and Goals

Key Results

Future Goals


Good Health and Well-being

✔Provide free scalp care products for severe dermatitis and psoriasis patients

✔Free scalp check all around Taiwan

Continuing to promote scalp health for all through R&D and brand power

SDG 10

Reduced Inequalities

✔Shampoo bottles feature braille bottle design for the blind

✔Organized 348+ scalp health/mindful activities for caregivers, benefiting 30,000+ people

✔Donated NTD$3.1+million dollars for charity sales in remote villages

Brands invest 1% of its annual revenue in caring for the disadvantaged, such as caregivers and education in remote areas

SDG 12

Responsible Consumption and Production

Cradle to Cradle (C2C) Silver Level Certification ✔BS8001 Circular Economy Level 4 (Optimal) Certified

✔76,152+kg CO2e reduced by using PCR recycled plastic to make shampoo bottles

✔4 products ISO 14067 carbon footprint certified

✔2,200+ EC packaging box reduced

✔12 Stores become Circular Packaging Returning Points

Provide circular and sustainable scalp care solution

  • 50% bottles from PCR recycled plastic

  • Cradle to Cradle (C2C), Version 4.0 Silver Level Certification​

  • Carbon Footprint Label

SDG 13 Climate Action

✔50% renewable energy used by headquarter since 2023

✔30%+ reduction in waste intensity at headquarter offices in 2023

  • ​PAS 2060 Carbon Neutrality by 2024

  • 70% Renewable Energy by 2025

SDG 17

Partnership for the Goals

✔20+ corporate partners joined our “Caregiver’s Alliance”

✔400+ salons joined our charity campaign raising funds for education in remote areas

To create positive impact by connecting internal, external, and upstream/downstream partners to participate in sustainability initiatives

8 Key Stakeholders of MacroHI


Business Customers




Business Partners

Community / NPOs

Banks / Investors

9 Material Issues in Sustainability

We collected and analyzed 1,177 internal and external partners' "Sustainability Questionnaires" and referred to the sustainability industry trends, and finalized the list or material issues by the Sustainability Committee.

  1. Sustainable Products and Services

  2. Sustainable Packaging and Circular Economy

  3. Customer Health and Safety

  4. Responsible Procurement

  5. Worker's Health and Safety

  6. Sustainability Strategy

  7. Operational Eco-Efficiency

  8. Corporate Citizenship and Philanthropy

  9. Information Security and Privacy

Sustainability Materialiy Matrix

MacroHI B Corp Sustainability Impact Highlights and Future Goals

2023 Highlights

Future Goals


✔BS8001 Circular Economy Level 4 (Optimal) Certified

✔50% renewable energy used by headquarter

✔76,152+kg CO2e reduced accumulatively by using PCR recycled plastic to make shampoo bottles

✔4 products ISO 14067 carbon footprint certified

✔2,200+ EC packaging box reduced

✔12 Stores become Circular Packaging Returning Points


✔50% Bottles from recycled plastic

✔FSC Certified paper packaging

✔Product Carbon reduction label

✔C2C circular economy (silver) certification

✔2024 Carbon Neutrality

✔2025 70% Renewable Energy


✔ 348+ scalp health/mindful activities

✔ Engaged 32 business partners joining our "Caretiver's Alliance"

✔ Invited business partners to plant 300 trees together

✔Donated NTD$3.1+million dollars for charity sales in remote villages

✔5% revenue committed in CSR and sustainability

✔20+ activities benifiting 1000+ people annually, inviting 30+ organizations to join "Caregiver's Alliance"


Provide free scalp care products for severe dermatitis patients

Shampoo bottles featuring braille bottle design for the blind

Develop products for scalp care relief for patients


✔16hrs/year Paid volunteer leave, paid vaccination leave during pandemic

✔60% Female managers & workers

✔Enhanced child care benefits

✔4-6PM workout time each Friday, Sports competition rewards

Build a healthy, passionate, creative workplace where dreams come true


✔Sustainability mission stated in company Charter

✔Established SDGs Roadmap

✔100% Participation of Sustainability Committee in Board of Directors

✔Held 2 SDGs Consensus Camps

✔5% of every of every worker's (employees and managers) performance goals connected to ESG

Response to 2023 Labor Issue

Due to some attendance records in 2023 showing consecutive shifts caused by employee leave, therefore MacroHI failed to comply with the regulations and was fined NTD 120,000 dollars in 2023. This issue arose from differing interpretations of "company holidays versus personal leave" between the company and employees, leading to non-compliance.

For example, in principle, employers should not require employees to work more than six consecutive days.According to Article 36 of the Labor Standards Act: "A worker shall have two regular days off every seven days. One day is a regular leave and the other one is a rest day." If employees consider holidays (including special leave) as regular leaves or rest days, it could lead to inadvertent violations of the Labor Standards Act.

In response to the Ministry of Labor's guidance, MacroHI has reviewed relevant concerns and implemented the following measures:

  1. Strengthening Employee Training and Communication: Regularly promote attendance regulations during monthly meetings to ensure all employees understand and comply.

  2. Implementing a New HR System: Establish leave and salary verification mechanisms to meet regulatory requirements, reducing risks and enhancing management oversight.

  3. Enforcing Work Hour Monitoring: Assign personnel to regularly review work hour records for accuracy and completeness.

  4. Appointing a Compliance Officer: Stay updated on regulatory changes, integrate them into company policies, and regularly report compliance status to management.

Through these measures, MacroHI is committed to improving compliance in attendance management, greatly reducing operational risksand, and ensuring employee rights.


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