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MacroHI Sustainable Goals and 2021 Highlights

Mid- and Long-term Sustainability Goals of MacroHI

  • Net Zero by 2030

  • 10% Renewable Energy by 2025 (Already achieved since 2021)

  • Use business as a force for good as a Certified B Corporation


✓ 建立正式章程,成立董事會之「永續發展委員會」,並召開3場永續委員會

✓ 組織5大永續發展執行小組,舉辦3場執行小組工作坊

✓ 完成關鍵利害關係人鑑別

✓ 完成永續重大主題鑑別

✓ 永續發展與績效考核與薪酬獎勵連結,從基層職員到中高階主管,每位同仁評核5%需與B型企業五大面向連結。

8 Key Stakeholders of MacroHI


Business Customers




Business Partners

Community / NPOs

Banks / Investors

9 Material Issues in Sustainability

We collected and analyzed 1,177 internal and external partners' "Sustainability Questionnaires" and referred to the sustainability industry trends, and finalized the list or material issues by the Sustainability Committee.

  1. Sustainable Products and Services

  2. Sustainable Packaging and Circular Economy

  3. Customer Health and Safety

  4. Responsible Procurement

  5. Worker's Health and Safety

  6. Sustainability Strategy

  7. Operational Eco-Efficiency

  8. Corporate Citizenship and Philanthropy

  9. Information Security and Privacy

Sustainability Materialiy Matrix

2021 MacroHI B Corp Sustainability Impact Highlights and Future Goals

MacroHI Sustainability Strategy and Future Goals


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