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Introducing the B Corp Beauty Coalition

In January 2022, we formed a new coalition with twenty-six other Certified B Corporations, to improve social and environmental practices of the beauty industry. Our vision is to deliver "beauty for good"

We are proud to be among the founders of the new B Corp® Beauty Coalition launched January 2022: 27Certified B Corp beauty companies from three continents, all meeting the highest standards of social and environmental impact, committed to working together to further improve the sustainability standards of the beauty industry. Our approach prioritizes soil as much as skin, we commit to working together to share knowledge and best practices, spark exploration and responsible innovation, and to speak consistently and clearly, to deliver genuine benefits to our customers, our communities, and our planet.

Our commitments

Our objective is to deliver "beauty for good". The four key aspects on which the coalition will work in 2022, with the aim of bringing about concrete improvements, are:

  1. Ingredient sourcing and sustainability

  2. Packaging responsibility

  3. Greener logistics

  4. Consistent and clear external communication

To read the B Corp Beauty Coalition manifesto and to learn more:

As our world facing a growing issue of climate change, we keep thinking what can do to tackle the issue? We believe it requires more commitment and actions to achieve sustainability. As a member of Certified B Corp, we formed a B Corp Beauty Coalition with other 26 corporations, to share the latest sustainable practices and reduce the carbon footprint. Through our commitment to "Inspire live. Brighten the world", we aim to bring benefits to our customers, communities, suppliers and the world we live in. Make beauty business a force for good.

Mimi Chien Chief Sustainability Officer of AROMASE & juliArt, Founding Board of the B Corp Beauty Coalition

Meet the founders of the B Corp Beauty Coalition

As Certified B Corporations, we believe that all businesses - through their products, practices, and profits - should aspire to do no harm and benefit all.Our coalition acts with the understanding that we are all interdependent, and thus responsible for each other and future generations. In a perspective of interdependence, we are pleased to present all the founding companies of the B Corp Beauty Coalition.

Ready to join B Beauty?

The Coalition is happy to welcome other certified B Corps, eager to bring their talent and contribution. To join the B Corp Beauty coalition, you need to:

  • Be a certified B Corporation

  • Be a beauty company or be part of the beauty industry supply chain

  • Be willing to cooperate and exchange information at a pre-competitive level

  • Be willing to change the industry

If you recognize yourself in the points above, write to Thanks!


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